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Bright Eyes: Makeup Tips for Eye Glass Wearers

Figuring out the right makeup can seem tricky if you wear glasses. Luckily, your best bet is a simple routine that adds polish without competing with frames.

Thanks to updated technology, newer glasses have lenses that are flatter than the old rounded shape, so they don't visually magnify or shrink the eye as much as they used to.

But frames  -- regardless of shape, size, or color  -- must be considered when you apply makeup, says Beth Katz, a Los Angeles makeup artist (and glasses wearer). Her advice:

Go easy on the eyes. "Many women who wear glasses try to intensify their eye makeup, but that's a big mistake," says Katz. Dark, bright, or contoured eye shadows can clash too much with frames, giving you a garish look. Generally, the bolder the frame  -- in color or design  -- the less eye makeup you need.

With fingertips, apply and blend a neutral cream shadow (it won't flake onto lenses like powder shadow can) from lid to just shy of the brow bone. Try Clinique Touch Base For Eyes in Canvas.

For extra definition and a clean finish, curl lashes and apply one coat of dark mascara; minimize clumping by wiping wand with a tissue before application. Avoid frosted or glittery shadows; they're too flashy to wear with glasses.

Balance the face. If you wear blush, lightly dust it on the apples of your cheeks (not too close to your nose). Lips, says Katz, need strong color to balance glasses. Try a deep, rich shade of plum, wine, or red in a matte or demi-matte finish, like new Garneta Lipcolour by L'Or[E233]al.

Keep brows well groomed. Since most glasses fall just under them, attention is drawn right to stray hairs and straggly brows. Fill in obvious gaps with brow powder applied with a stiff angled brush.