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Burping Success

Helping your baby get the hang of the breast or bottle is just half the feeding battle; the other is burping her.

If you're nursing, a good time for a mid-meal belch is when you switch breasts. Bottle-fed infants should be burped after every two to three ounces. Also burp your baby if she starts to fuss during a feeding, says Paula Elbirt, M.D., a pediatrician in New York City.

Three good ways to burp a baby:

1. Hold her upright against your shoulder with one hand supporting her rear, the other her back. Rub or pat her back or jiggle her very gently against your shoulder.

2. Sit her on your lap, facing sideways (so her body is perpendicular to yours). Lean her forward, supporting her head by putting one hand under her chin, and rub or pat her back with your other hand.

3. Lay her facedown on your lap so that her head rests (sideways) on one of your legs and her stomach on the other. Place one hand on her bottom; use the other to rub or pat her back.

Whatever technique you use, if she doesn't belch after five minutes, stop  -- she hasn't taken in enough air to bring anything up.