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Beat Business Travel Blues

Put down the snow globe, and step away from the duty-free kiosk. We get it: Nearly 60 percent of married-couple households with children have two working parents, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. For many moms and dads, that means work-related travel. So we asked a few frequently flying parents what they do to stay connected.


“My husband plans a homecoming with my daughter. There's always a tea party or little celebration—complete with homemade decorations! It gives her something to look forward to.”
—Sara Keagle, flight attendant and blogger,


“I created a YouTube channel where my daughter, Sabrina, can watch videos I upload while traveling. It's a place where she can see what Daddy is up to.”
—Grant Cardone, motivational speaker and host of TurnAround King


“I bought myself and my child the same small stuffed animal. I take photos with mine on the trip and e-mail them back home. Meanwhile, my daughter can give love to its stuffed sibling at home.”
—Amanda Carman, momtrepreneur and founder of


“Before I leave, I prepare their favorite meals: turkey soup, baked drumsticks, and lasagna. Then I call them as they're waiting for things to be heated up. This allows us to share the all-important family-dinner time together.”
—Jessica Kim, CEO of BabbaCo