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Catching a Spring Fever

Springtime is peak season for a common viral infant illness called roseola. Though it's scary for parents, your baby will be fine in a few days, assures Grace Martin, M.D., a pediatrician in Walnut Creek, California.

Symptoms: A sudden fever of between 102°F and 105°F that lasts three to four days; a slight runny nose; loss of appetite; and crankiness.

Treatment: See your pediatrician, but you'll likely be told to just keep her comfortable with an infant pain reliever, extra fluids, and sponge baths.

The result: After the fever breaks, a fine, lacy-looking red rash will creep across your baby's body, beginning on her chest and spreading to her arms, legs, neck, and face. The rash usually fades on its own after a day, though it can last up to a week in some cases.

The good news: Once your baby has had roseola, she'll be immune to it.