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7 Charities Your Kid Can Help With

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    6 Months and Up
    She's Into: Making a mess in her high chair

    We Suggest: Future Fortified, which provides pregnant women, moms, and children the proper nutrition (35 percent of childhood diseases are caused by malnutrition). Buy a bib (which says “all for yum”), and all proceeds go to feeding families

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    3 and Up
    She's Into: Drawing, painting, sticker books

    We Suggest: A Million Thanks. Since 2004, this charity has put more than 5 million cards and letters into the hands of American military. Create an original artwork, drop it off at a designated location, or mail it to A Million Thanks headquarters. More tech-savvy kids can create and send a card via Shutterfly.

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    4 and Up
    She's Into: The beach, staying at hotels

    We Suggest: A trip to the Westin St. John Resort and Villas. This postcard-perfect resort gives back to those who give back. Since St. John is two-thirds national park, guests who help clean up the beach through the resort's voluntourism promotion are rewarded with a $100 resort credit.

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    5 and Up
    She's Into: Music, animals… a little bit of everything

    We Suggest: Kids Care Clubs. They provide blueprints for getting a successful service project up and running, starting with simple step-by-step instructions a young child can follow. Sample projects include collecting food for needy pets, helping poor children get access to musical instruments, and serving veterans on Veterans Day. It's a charity choose-your-own-adventure.

    She's Into: Begging fortggff a new Mo Willems or Dr. Seuss book every week

    We Suggest: Better World Books. Is that bedroom shelf overstocked? This service makes it super-simple to donate used books to help literacy programs worldwide. Mom's or Dad's job: Enter your name and address online, and get a prepaid mailing label. Kid's job: Pick out ones to donate and pack up the box.

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    6 and Up
    She's Into: Saving her allowance

    We Suggest: Kiva. From a piggy bank on the nightstand to a farmer in Kenya. Helping out doesn't get more “whoa!” than this. Kiva is all about microfinance, so put your mini-microfinancier to work. On the website, you can meet the borrowers. For example, you can help a youth in El Salvador raise $200 to purchase seeds for corn and beans.

    She's Into: Camping, nature

    We Suggest: The Sierra Club's family-service trips. Camp out and preserve some wild lands! Depending on the destination, budding naturalists can rehab historic structures and habitats. Trips include food and campsite accommodations.