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Childproofing Checklist

Below are the basics you'll need for childproofing your home. As for the stuff you don't  -- unless, of course, something doesn't apply to your home, it's best not to scrimp in this area. Better safe than sorry.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (one on each floor, near the bedrooms)
Lower cabinet and drawer locks (ideally, move any dangerous items, like knives or cleaners, to higher storage)
Stove knob covers (to prevent your baby from turning on a burner)
Oven lock
Toilet seat lock(s)
Tub spout cover (set your hot water heater to 120 degrees, or buy antiscald devices at a hardware store and install on faucets)
Corner and edge bumpers (for coffee tables and raised fireplace hearths)
Gates (use a hardware-mounted style at top of stairs; pressure-mounted style is okay at bottom of stairs)
Railing netting or plastic guards (if you have an open railing)
Furniture straps or brackets (to attach to the wall any heavy furniture that could be pulled over)
Outlet plate covers (not the plugs; they come out too easily)
Power strip covers
Window blind cord wraps (or cut cords short or replace with shades)
Window guards (if your windows don't lock securely)
Door knob or lever covers (for any off-limits areas)