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Close Without Cuddling

Cuddly as babies look, not all of them love to snuggle. If yours is one who doesn't  -- he arches his back, wiggles, fusses when you touch too much  -- you may start feeling a little rejected. But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to feel close:

Experiment. Your baby may find gentle touch too stimulating but respond to a firmer rub. Skin-to-skin contact may be too much  -- but he may like a pat on top of his clothes. If he balks at being stroked at all, try just resting your hand on him.

Get on the floor. Lie beside him and talk or sing, blow kisses or whisper.

Revel in routine. Think of diaper changes and bathtime as opportunities to touch and play.

Dance. Combining cuddles with movement might make him less squirmy.

Read to him. The pictures and the sound of your voice are soothing, so your arm around him may be less uncomfortable.

Give him a massage. Some babies enjoy massage, even if they don't like being cuddled.

Swaddle him. Being wrapped helps some babies. Once he feels secure, he may not mind being held close.

Switch positions. If he won't tolerate being cradled or snuggled belly to belly, try facing him outward, his back to your belly.