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Coloring Easter Eggs Craft

Cico Books

Leaf-Print Easter Eggs

We don't know one kid who doesn't love collecting leaves. This project will allow them to discover the amazing variety of leaf shapes that can be found in your backyard. Ferns and groups of small, delicate leaves work well. The eggs are colored with a little food coloring—try delicate pastel colors for a charming display.




  • A few sprigs of small leaves, such as ferns, dill, fennel

  • Hard-boiled white eggs (large eggs or duck eggs work well)

  • Old pair of pantyhose (tights)

  • Elastic bands

  • Food coloring

  • Cup, spoon, scissors


  1. Choose a flat leaf and lay it on the egg. Cut a small section from pantyhose. Position the fabric over the whole egg and the leaf.



  2. Gather the pantyhose in the back of the egg and secure it with an elastic band wound around tightly to knot everything in place.



  3. Fill a cup with water. Add a few drops of food coloring to the cup and stir with spoon to mix well.



  4. Lower the egg into the cup, holding it by the pantyhose. Let it sit for about 20 minutes for the dye to take.



  5. When you have finished dyeing the egg, lift it using the gathered knot. Remove the elastic band, fabric, and leaf to reveal your design. Let dry.



CRAFT-TASTIC TIP: Want to display your eggs next year? Using a needle, prick a small hole in one end of a raw egg and a slightly larger hole at the other end. Push the needle into the egg to break the yolk. Blow out the whole egg from the small hole through the larger hole—don't suck! Place the empty eggshell under running water to gently clean the inside.