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Complexion Crisis

You're not alone if your pregnancy glow has given way to pimples. Postpartum hormones can wreak havoc on your complexion, says dermatologist Barbara Reed, M.D., of the Denver Skin Clinic. Flare-ups usually disappear a few months after delivery, but until then:

Be gentle: Clean your skin twice a day with a mild cleanser, like Cetaphil or Eucerin. You can't scrub away acne, so don't even try.

Treat trouble spots: Use a product with benzoyl peroxide (such as Oxy Balance) or glycolic acid (DDF Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads). Salicylic acid (Aveeno Correcting Treatment) is a good bet for sensitive skin but isn't recommended for nursing moms. Try a cream product if your skin is dry or sensitive and a gel if it's oily. If pimples persist, ask your doctor about topical or oral antibiotics. (Several are safe for nursing moms, too.)

Cover up: A tinted moisturizer (Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture or Jergens Natural Glow) or treatment (Clearasil) can help you save face.