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Consider Siblings' Names When Naming New Baby

For second, third or fourth (and so on) time moms, picking baby names gets complicated. By now, you've used up your longtime favorites. But more important, a baby sister's or brother's name should fit with the names of older kiddos, right? Whether you have just started your baby name search or you're trying to decide between two top contenders, it's time to play the sibling baby name game by asking yourself these questions:

Does the name have the write stuff? 

To practice for future holiday cards and thank you notes, write down the names you are considering next to your other children's names. Then ask yourself, do the names look good together? Can you picture this new name as a part of your family?

Can you identify a common de-name-inator? 

Focusing on a common denominator among names may help you weed out those that just don't fit. Say Baby No. 3 is joining brothers Aidan and Dylan, and you can't decide between Christian and William. If you choose Christian, you'll keep the ending in "N" theme going.

Does size matter to you? 

Another commonality you may start to see among the names of your children is length. Maybe you chose one syllable names for your first and second born. Now Kate and Graham are about to welcome a little brother. Should you go with Sebastian or Ned?

Do you dream about theme? 

To narrow your focus, ask yourself if you tend to gravitate toward a certain type of name. For instance, maybe your first child's name is traditional. Start surfing lists of traditional names to find the perfect moniker for Baby No. 2.

Are you living in the past? 

Perhaps you favor names that hail from a certain tradition. If you chose an Irish moniker for your first born, check out lists of Irish names, and you may get lucky again!

Who's to judge? 

Maybe there's something you don't like about the names of other people's children. For example, a fellow mama named all three of her girls with names that end in Y, which feels cheesy to you. Any names you want to eliminate from your list now?

Does it roll off the tongue? 

Say a baby name you are contemplating out loud with the name of your other children. How do they sound together? "Carl, Kyle, Shannon, get in the car!"

Did everyone give their two cents? 

If your kids are old enough, ask them what they think about the names you're considering. Perhaps the soon-to-be siblings will have a sense of what sounds right.

Who cares? 

If you love a name and it doesn't fit with the siblings' names, that's okay, too! Celebrities do it all the time, right? Why can't we?