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Dads, Even You Can Enjoy Crafts

Even if you're not an arts-and-crafts type of guy, you can still find projects that you can enjoy making with your kids. Don't be intimidated by all the coloring and pasting. Here are some mini works of art you can make with your kids and hang up on your fridge gallery.

Cards for Mom and Grandma

Helping your kids make a heart-shaped card to give to Mom or Grandma is easy. All you'll need is some pink, white and red construction paper, crayons and glue. Start by folding a piece of pink construction paper in half. Carefully cut out a heart shape from a piece of red construction paper that is smaller than the front of the card. Next, cut out a second, smaller heart from the white paper. Help the kids glue the red heart to the front of the card and then glue the white heart on top of the red one. If your kids insist on cutting out the hearts themselves, you'll want to give them a scissors assist. You might need to help them sign their name, too. If they're old enough, have them write a poem or draw a picture on the inside of the card.

Cute paper penguins

You'll need to save a few cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls before you start on this project. Cover the tubes with black construction paper. Using white paint, draw an oblong shape right in the middle of the tube for the penguin's belly. If you have any sticky googly eyes leftover in your craft box, use those; otherwise, paint them on. Don't forget the penguin's flippers! Simply cut two elongated triangles from pink construction paper and glue them on each side of the toilet-tube body, placing the top of the triangle faceup.

Colorful bouquets

You'll need to gather a lot of colorful tissue paper to create some pretty flower bouquets, but it's worth it. Have your kids hold one piece of tissue paper in their left hands (if they're right-handed). Have them push the middle of the paper with their right index fingers while their left hands wrap around their fingers. (For left-handed kids, reverse these instructions.) The tissue paper should crinkle up into something that resembles a flower. Twist the end of the paper together and hold it in place with a piece of clear tape. Repeat, using a variety of tissue paper colors. Then arrange all your flowers into a colorful bouquet. Tie the ends of your bouquet together with a piece of ribbon. For a finishing touch, spray a light coat of adhesive on the top of the bouquet and sprinkle on some glitter. You may want to do this last part outside since it can get messy quickly.

Paper chains

Paper chains are easy to make using colorful construction paper. Just cut the paper into strips, roll one strip up so the ends meet and tape them together. Repeat, but intertwine each loop with the one made just before it, so all your strips are joined together. Help the kids string them up around the house—they'll love it! To transform a loop chain into a snowman, draw eyes and a smile on the top loop and glue cotton balls on every other loop.