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“The Day She Speaks to Me is Coming, I Can Feel It"

Courtesy of Nicole DeLaCruz

In the mornings we are woken by giggles and little footsteps running down the hall; Candace flaps her little hands in her face while she makes her way to my room. I’m greeted by kisses and the most adorable smile you could ever imagine. Candace never says a word (she will ask for spaghetti by bringing the leftovers from the fridge), but I know exactly what she’s thinking and feeling. I speak to her as if she will one day respond. The day is coming; I can feel it.

Our day is filled with behavioral, speech, feeding and occupational therapies. Candace has increased her tolerance of her siblings playing with her and is often followed with laughter. Each and every day we work hard towards giving her the best quality of life possible.

Every day I think about who will take care of her when I’m gone. Will she be treated like the precious princess she truly is? The constant worry and fear can drive a mother crazy. But in an instant I see her beautiful face and somehow I know everything will be OK. Every night I give her tons of kisses and she hugs me back. Nobody will ever know how grateful I am to have been given such a gift.

By Nicole DeLaCruz, mom of Cameron, 5, Candace, 3, and Connor, 1