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Decoding Menus

To eat healthy when eating out, you may need to do some deciphering. "Fried" or "creamed" are no-brainers, but what other words should raise a red flag before you order?

Beware: Hollandaise, bearnaise, alfredo, remoulade, and newburg (sauces that are heavy on butter or oil, egg yolks, cheese and/or cream)
Better choice: Au jus (natural meat juice), tomato-based sauces, a squeeze of fresh lemon

Beware: Tetrazzini (pasta and chopped chicken or turkey in a parmesan cheese-cream sauce)
Better choice: Roasted chicken or turkey breast, skin removed

Beware: Cordon bleu (slices of veal or chicken, with prosciutto and gruyère or swiss cheese in between, breaded and sautéed)
Better choice: Broiled chicken breast or veal chop

Beware: Stroganoff/ paprikash (sautéed meat, onions, and mushrooms, with sour-cream sauce)
Better choice: Beef kabobs or sliced London broil

Beware: Tempura (batter-dipped and then deep-fried)
Better choice: Teriyaki, as long as it's grilled or broiled after marinating, not fried