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Disrobing Dolly

When Theresa Graybill's 2-year-old first removed the clothes from her doll, it became known around the house as the naked baby. "Now one year and thirteen dolls later, they're all naked -- unless I dress them while Marisa is sleeping," says Graybill, of Huron, OH. "She loves to take those clothes off as soon as she discovers them on!"

Why are toddlers so obsessed with disrobing their dolls? It might seem like they want to see what's under the clothes, but actually, curiosity isn't usually the reason. "It's more that toddlers like to manipulate things", says Judith Romano, M.D., a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics. "They love to buckle and unbuckle." Also, kids learn by imitation. They're used to being undressed by you every day; it only makes sense that they'd want to practice doing it themselves.

To satisfy your child's curiosity, buy her dolls with removable outfits that don't have tiny hooks or ties that are too complicated for her. Loose clothing with oversize snaps and buttons, zippers with large sliders, and Velcro attachments are the perfect accessories for her budding skills.