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Mom Debate: Does the media put too much pressure on moms to lose baby weight?

89% Yes

"It's sad that it's the norm for moms to feel guilty because they don't lose it as fast as the Hollywood stars." --Valorie Salcido, Mesa, AZ

"The constant celeb-mom coverage makes you feel worse about yourself. They have nannies, trainers, chefs, and gyms in their mansions (which they don't have to clean!).'" --Anna DelPreore, Burlington, IA

"They have a mentality that we should look like we're in our 20s forever. I hope to instill in my daughter that being healthy is what's important." --Michelle Fusco, Hanover, PA

11% No

"I know you always see headlines about weight loss, but being healthy is important. The better shape I get into, the better I'll feel -- and the longer I'll be around for my family." --April Seidner, Kingman, AZ

"Women put pressure on themselves! They need to relax and do what's right for them." --Michelle Magnetti, Denver, CO

"The 'get thin' message is heinous -- but it's a much deeper issue. It's about our culture's need to objectify and demoralize women, and now it's spreading to moms." --Jessica Elisee, New York, NY

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