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Don't Just Sit There, Stand!

Turns out that sitting for long stretches of time throughout the day—at your desk, for example—may leave you a sitting duck for metabolic disorders such as obesity and heart disease, say researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Why? When you sit for extended periods, the fat-burning enzymes in muscles shut off, which causes cholesterol levels to ris, and with them, the risk of disease. Some easy ways to get off your seat during the day:

  • Take phone calls on your feet, preferably with a headset so you're able to use your hands. View phone calls as a chance to get up and stretch or walk.
  • Snack standing up. Bonus: You'll probably consume less than when you're sitting because you'll be less likely to fall into the trap of mindless eating.
  • Fit in active playtime with your child. Go for charades or hide-and-seek.
  • At the office, don't write a response to every e-mail. Walk over to a coworker whenever you can and reply in person.