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Down-There Dilemma

Your newborn isn't the only one with bladder-control issues. "A third to a half of new moms have leakage postpartum, but for most it will stop in about six weeks," says Stephanie Gordon, M.D. Here, ways to cope while you heal:

Kegel the right way. Lie on your back or side (sitting forces you to work against gravity), says Missy Lavender, author of You Go Girl...But Only When You Want To. "You want to tighten and pull up the pelvic floor muscles, as if you're drawing a tampon into your vagina."

SIP, don't SLURP. "A lot of my patients down diet soda just to make it through the day," says Dr. Gordon. "Drinking excessive amounts of liquids, especially caffeine, will only further irritate your bladder."

Protect yourself. Until your problem is under control, keep wearing a sanitary napkin or panty liner. Or slip on undies with a built-in liner.