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Drawing on the Walls

You leave your 3-year-old at his little table with his favorite markers and a pad of paper. Two minutes later he's created a masterpiece  -- all over the wall! What gives?

While a younger child will draw on a wall simply because he'll color on anything, a 3- or 4-year-old is up to something different. At this stage in his physical development, it's actually easier for him to draw with his hand out in front of him than underneath him, says Becky Bailey, Ph.D., author of There's Gotta Be a Better Way. It's a much more comfortable position that allows him better hand-eye control  -- and that makes his art projects a lot more fun.

Most kids are able to work comfortably at a desk or table by the time they graduate kindergarten. Until then? Remind your child that writing on the wall isn't allowed (and have him help you clean up if he makes a mess). But give him the chance to draw the way he really wants to. Use an easel if you have one, or tape big sheets of paper to the wall. Or encourage him to draw lying down, which is also easier than leaning over a desk.