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Easing Daycare Dramas

Going back to work is never easy. Here's how to plan ahead: One month before Visit the daycare so that your baby can get to know his new caregiver. Talk about your baby's likes and dislikes. Several weeks before Nursing moms: Begin stocking bottles of breast milk. Start offering some breast milk in a bottle. All moms: Have others feed him so he doesn't expect milk or formula from just you. A week before Build a routine. Leave him at the center for an hour when you'd usually leave for work. That week Drop off diapers, bottles, and milk or formula at the daycare so you won't be as frazzled on "D-Day." Try to arrange a short week or shorter days at work so that you can build up to a full schedule. That day Give your baby a cheery kiss, tell him you'll be back soon, and go before you cry. He'll be fine -- and so, eventually, will you.