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Envy Confessions

Have you ever wished that you could have another mom's life, or looks -- or kids? If you're like most moms, you have: 92% of the nearly 1,000 moms who answered our Parenting/AOL poll admit they're sometimes green with envy. Here's what else they had to say.

You go, Mom!

60% of you think other moms are jealous of you. Here's why you're the cool one:

41% Your family just seems happier
26% Your kids are great
15% You're pretty put together
11% Your husband's great
7% You're good-looking

Freedom Calling

46% of you sometimes envy your friends who don't have kids. (49% of you jealous moms say it's because your friends have more time for themselves. 30% say it's because they get to go out more.)

Eyeing the other kids

61% of you think your child measures up to others -- of those of you who don't, you say it's because other kids have more stuff.

What's the main thing you envy about another mom?

32% Her organized life
29% Her looks
20% Her house
11% The way her kids behave
8% Her husband

A dad's life for you

66% of you are sometimes jealous of your husband. Why?

32% Even though you both work, you still do more
26% He has it easier around the house
22% He gets to go to work every day while you're at home
19% He seems less stressed or anxious about the kids

Working vs. staying at home

73% of working moms envy those who stay at home
46% of stay-at-home moms envy those who work outside their home

Money talks

55% of you say that if you could have one thing another mom has, it'd be more money. Less stress and more time are distant runners-up -- because who has those?

The most popular way to deal with envy? Just ignore it!

Second place: Talk about it with friends or your husband.
Only 15% of you let it eat away at you.

Who do you want to be for a day?

While 49% of you would trade lives with a celebrity, hardly anyone (just 6%) wanted to live life without kids, even for 24 hours!