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Expelled From Preschool?

When Jessica Yusuf of Pearland, TX, was warned that her daughter, Mina, 3, might be asked to leave preschool, she wasn't surprised. "Mina would bite and kick," Yusuf says. "The director had a responsibility to the other children." The story's a common one: A recent study shows that kids are more likely to be expelled during the preschool years than at any other time. If yours may be getting kicked out:

Get a second opinion. A pediatrician or a behavioral specialist can help assess whether your child's issues stem from a learning disorder or other problem. If he is diagnosed with a disability, meet with school staff to explain his needs.

Consider your child's temperament. A very active kid may not do well at a school where children must do a lot of seat work.

Ask for the expulsion policy in writing when you enroll your child. If there is no warning system, ask the school to create one.

If your child is expelled, consider telling future caregivers. You are not legally obligated to do so, but it may prevent future problems.

Know, too, that your child can change. With speech therapy, Mina's tantrums waned -- and she was allowed to stay in school.