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F-U-N with the Alphabet

After 20 minutes of hearing your child wail, "Now I know my ABC's," you're starting to think that next time you won't sing with him. Other ways to have a little fun with the alphabet:

Give the classic song a tune-up. Keep it from getting boring by singing it quickly or slowly, roaring or whispering it, or by hopping on one foot when you say each letter.

Do the twist. Have your child try to form the letters with his body. (Ones with straight lines, like "X" and "T," make a fairly simple starting point.) This is great for two kids to do together or to join in on yourself.

Declare Letter C Day. Bake cookies, color with crayons, read books about cats, and point out the connection between the letter "C" and its sounds. You can explore a different letter each week together.

Play tag. Use chalk to write the letters in your child's first name on the side-walk, then challenge him to race to the letter you call out before you tag him. Up the ante by adding the letters in his last name, too.

Make your own alphabet book. Snap pictures of simple things in your neighborhood that start with different letters of the alphabet: an anthill for "A," a bird for "B," a car for "C." Assemble the shots into a small photo album  -- your preschooler will love his one-of-a-kind alphabet book.

Play with your food. A few pretzel sticks, soft carrots, or orange slices can form most letters of the alphabet. And who knows? Seeing his name spelled out in snacks may even tempt a picky eater.