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The Backs of My Kids’ Heads

Somewhere along the line it became apparent as quick as the flash on my little IPhone camera: the kids were getting camera shy. It’s my own fault. I’ll take the blame. The girls know I post photos online to share with people. So now they make funny faces and avoid the camera. They’re being kids. What can I do? It makes me so sad. It makes me so frustrated. It makes me a dad on a mission. So I’ve pretty much given up posting photos of their faces and I’ve had to resort to a sort-of covert daddarazzi.. new word there.. who snaps pictures of the kids when they’re not looking, when they’re just being kids. I like to think I’ve become very creative at catching those candid moments on camera.

The result is a series of photos called: The Backs of My Kids’ Heads. Pictures started as simple snap shots:

Headed to school in princess hat


Looking like a ballerina

head ballerina

Waiting with backpacks


Picking flowers


Playing the original Atari


Watching animals at the zoo


Staring into the Zoltar machine from “Big”


Looking like a fashionista

head fashion

Walking the dog

head walk dog

Walking around in pajamas

head pajamas

And more pajamas


Mostly though, I started capturing photos of the girls together, being sisters, not knowing the camera was catching little images of their childhood… catching a real love that you could see without anyone posing for the camera or saying “cheese.”

Walking in the rain


Hugging when one was sick


Picking food at the store


Waiting for Build-a-Bear to open


Just holding hands


And holding more hands


And holding mom and dad’s hand


I started learning that I could still get the smallest peek into their world, just keeping an eye on the backs of their heads. Once in a while, even a photo of the backs of their heads can reveal a mirror image worth a thousand words.

Doing a twirl


Getting a good look

head mirror

Falling asleep during a haircut

head haircut sleep

I’ll take the small glimpses while I can get them. I know one day the photos will be my own look back, even if it was all about them looking forward…

You can also find Pete on Facebook at dadmissions the book. As described on his blog, Pete is a TV journalist by day and a doting dad the rest of the time. He has won numerous Emmy awards for his work in TV news, including an investigation into freeway safety that went all the way to Capitol Hill and the desk of Senator Dianne Feinstein. Pete’s kids are glad to use the Emmys to hang their swim goggles on, to make goals for floor soccer or to use in My Little Pony play. This is his life, the dad perspective, outnumbered with a wife and two girls.