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Fisher-Price Recalls Scooters and Mini Bikes

June 17, 2005
Fisher-Price has recalled 29,000 scooters and 5,000 mini bikes. Both products are battery-powered ride-on toys intended for children 6 and up. The mini bike (model 73535) and scooter (model 73530) have been recalled because their warning labels do not warn against inflating the tires higher than 30 psi (pounds per square inch). Over-inflating the tires can cause the plastic rim of the wheel to break and the tire to rupture, posing facial and hand-injury hazards. Scooters and mini bikes with warning labels that read "Never inflate above 30 psi" are not subject to this recall. The toys were sold at discount department and toy stores nationwide, the scooters for $200 and the mini bikes for $250.

To receive new warning labels and a free tire gauge, call Fisher-Price at 800-244-7318 anytime or visit