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Fitting In Fitness

Easy ways to get in shape, from personal trainer Cathy Moxley, author of The Busy Mom's Ultimate Fitness Guide and a mom of three:

During diaper changes: Balance on one foot and do standing side leg lifts. Switch legs and repeat.

While watching videos together: Squeeze and release a large rubber ball between your knees for an inner-thigh workout. Or do arm curls while holding a 15-ounce can of veggies in each hand.

At the pool: Lift your baby above your head. Slowly bring her back down into the water. Repeat for as long as she's entertained.

On the way to the playground: Take long, lunging steps and invite your child to keep up.

At a playdate: Bring some toys to a local track. Have the kids play in the middle, where you can see them while you walk or jog around the outside.