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Fantastic Fundraising Ideas


If your family is involved in school, sports, Scouts or community activities, chances are you (and your kids) will be asked to fundraise for your group. Putting the FUN in fundraising isn’t as hard as it sounds!

Whatever you’re fundraising needs – buying computer equipment for school, sending the team to the playoffs, or improving the local playground – these fundraising ideas are sure to help!

  • Build Your Community First
    The magic ingredient!  Before asking for money, engage families in fun, free activities like picnics, pot lucks and ice cream socials that encourage parents to enjoy each other and bond with your group or school.  When members feel ownership in your community, achieving fundraising goals will be a snap! 
  • Community-Building Events
    If you have a large team of willing parent volunteers, combine Fun and FUNdraising with events like carnivals, walkathons, fun runs, auctions, pet washes, talent shows, and community consignment and garage sales.  Tip: Save time getting everyone signed up to help with free volunteer scheduling by!
  • Product Fundraisers
    If your group needs to raise money quickly and you don’t have an abundance of helpers at hand, consider a product fundraiser. These fundraisers take much less volunteer muscle and getting kids involved in supporting the school or group builds pride and ownership.  Beyond traditional wrapping paper and cookie dough sales, schools and groups are exploring fresh fundraising ideas such as luxury bed sheets, pet and garden supplies, coffee and more.  Tip: Choose a product parents want to buy and will ask their friends and coworkers to purchase too.
  • Corporate Partnerships
    Brands and businesses want to support your groups too.  Ask restaurants to host a ‘Spirit Night’ with a percent of the profits donated to your group. Offer sponsorships to local businesses that include logos on newsletters, signs, and t-shirts.  And earn supplemental cash for your school or group by clipping labels and box tops, encouraging the use of online-shopping portals that share incentives, and participating in supermarket rewards cards.
  • “No Hassle” Fundraisers
    If you have a strong parent community and they don’t want to participate in fundraising activities, consider hosting a “No Hassle” fundraiser.  Ask your group for a specific amount of money per child involved, promising no additional fundraising activities if your group hits a target dollar amount. 

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