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Galison/Mudpuppy Recalls Wire Bound Journals and Calendars

Galison/Mudpuppy has recalled about 90,000 Wire-O Bound Journals and Calendars. The paint on the metal spiral bindings of the journals contains excessive levels of lead, which violated the federal lead paint standard.

The recalled items include spiral bound journals, activity books, and calendars in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Galison or Mudpuppy and the ISBN numbers are printed on the back cover of the calendars/journals. Calendars/journals included in the recall are listed below:

ISBN Style Number Style Name

Galison List Journals
978-0-7353-1952-3 Next Great Idea (Black) List Journal
978-0-7353-2050-5 Hiroshige Waves List Journal
978-0-7353-2051-2 Nature's Cabinet Butterflies List Journal
978-0-7353-1934-9 Chinese Peony List Journal
978-0-7353-1949-3 Toffee Dots List Journal
978-0-7353-1951-6 Toffee Stripes List Journal
978-0-7353-1933-2 William Morris Clover List Journal
978-0-7353-1950-9 Porch Florals List Journal

Galison Prose Journals
978-0-7353-1925-7 Next Great Idea (Black) Prose Journal
978-0-7353-2052-9 Hiroshige Waves Prose Journal
978-0-7353-2053-6 Nature's Cabinet Butterflies Prose Journal
978-0-7353-1926-4 Chinese Peony Prose Journal
978-0-7353-1930-1 Toffee Dots Prose Journal
978-0-7353-1932-5 Toffee Stripes Prose Journal
978-0-7353-1929-5 William Morris Clover Prose Journal
978-0-7353-1931-8 Porch Florals Prose Journal

Galison Perpetual Calendar
978-0-7353-0793-3 Chocolate Dots Perpetual Calendar

Mudpuppy Specialty Journals
978-0-7353-2061-1 Are We There Yet? Journal
978-0-7353-2171-7 Get Crafty Journal
978-0-7353-1506-8 Happy Camper Journal
978-0-7353-0604-2 Road Trip Journal
978-0-7353-0670-7 Things to Do in the Meantime Journal
978-0-7353-0619-6 Camp Fun Journal
978-0-7353-0882-4 My Travel Journal

These items were made in China and sold at specialty and gift stores nationwide and on-line from August 2003 through December 2007 for between $7 and $10.

Consumers should remove the back cover of the calendars/journals with the ISBN barcode number and contact Galison for instructions on returning the back cover for a refund. The journals/calendars should then be discarded. For additional information, contact Galison/Mudpuppy at (800) 670-7441 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday; visit the firm's Web site at or e-mail

To see this recall on CPSC's web site, including pictures of the recalled products, please go to: