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Games That Teach

Peek-a-Boo and This Little Piggy aren't just simple ways to entertain your baby. They can also teach social interaction and communication, help hone memory skills, and more:

Peek-a-Boo (Newborn and up)
Early on, your baby will get a kick out of watching your face appear and disappear, but around 7 months, he'll also start to learn the concept of object permanence (that you're still there even when he can't see you).

Pat-a-Cake (2 months and up)
This is easy for young babies to follow, and as yours starts trying to clap and play along, his coordination and motor skills will get a boost.

This Little Piggy (2 months and up)
Along with prediction and memory skills, your baby will learn about his body.

Where Is Thumbkin? (4 months and up)
Babies get a lesson in object permanence, prediction, and body parts. The melody helps young children follow the words.

Itsy Bitsy Spider (6 months and up)
Your child will practice fine motor skills when he's able to join in, near the end of his first year.

Wheels on the Bus (6 months and up)
The combination of gestures and music makes the words easy to remember and understand.