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Get Motivated to Work Out

Finding reasons not to exercise is easy -- just think of that pressing need to sort through your junk mail. But making fitness part of your life is possible, really! Here's how moms like you tackle those exercise obstacles:

The Excuse: "I don't have time!"
How Moms Beat It

"I remind myself that I don't have the time to go out shopping for new clothes in bigger sizes, which would take more time (and money!) than to just exercise." -Betsy Kirshner, East Brunswick, NJ
"When my girls nap in the afternoon, I sneak downstairs for some time on the elliptical while catching up on my soaps." -Randi Maerz, Keokuk, IA
"Instead of trying to find time to go somewhere, I use my kids for exercise! I do sit-ups and push-ups during my baby's tummy time. When my toddler wants to help, we play 'airplane' for a good lower-body workout." -Jennifer Malone, Elk Grove Village, IL

The Excuse: "I can't afford the gym!"
How Moms Beat It

"Cleaning the house and running three flights of stairs to do laundry gives me exercise at home... for free. Plus, my toddler helps by refusing to go down without a fight -- thanks for wearing me out, buddy!" -jaxon1015, from the message boards
"I work out with a $2.50 DVD from Target, Kathy Kaehler Total Body Fitness Workout." -Yvonne Ortiz, Chicago
"Joining a gym didn't work for me. I realized I'm more likely to exercise when I'm home in my ugly sweats. And I'm saving forty bucks a month!" -O. Sommer Martorano, Indian Head, MD

The Excuse: "I'm just not motivated!"
How Moms Beat It

"I tell myself that if I don't exercise and get healthy, I might not be around for my son. That thought just breaks my heart and gets my butt in gear!" -Sandy Christy, San Diego
"My motivation? Simple: One look at my gut and I knew Mama had some problems! You know you need to do something when you're wearing flip-flops to avoid tying your sneakers!"-Bevin Tovar, Houston
"To be honest, I actually look forward to working out because it never fails to remind me how strong and capable I am, giving me an attitude I can carry throughout my day." -Chelle Daly, Chandler, AZ

The Excuse: "I'm too tired."
How Moms Beat It

"I make appointments a week in advance with my mom so she can watch my kids while I go to the gym. Even if I'm tired that day, my mom makes me go!" -Corinne Buffham, Andover, MN
"I try to look at exercise as less of a workout and more of a time to relax and recharge, which helps give me more energy -- it always leaves me with a clear head and feeling more in control of my life." -Ashley Bryan, Las Vegas
"Listening to upbeat music gets me going. A good song makes me want to move faster and helps me forget that I was tired to begin with." -Georgeann Marzec, West Nyack, NY