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Learning to Like the Outdoors

 Spring is prime time to enjoy the great outdoors -- but some older babies don't find it so great at all. If your child pulls up her legs and cries when you try to put her on the grass, or shrinks from touching flowers, she may need help getting used to the world beyond the comfort of your living room rug.

Some kids are simply extra-sensitive to new textures. Try bringing some natural objects inside and letting your child examine them in familiar surroundings, where they won't seem quite so overwhelming to her. Hand her just a single daisy, some blades of grass, or even a budding twig.

Outside, don't push her to run wild if she doesn't want to: "Spread out a blanket, sit on it with her, and let her extend a hand or foot onto the grass at her own pace," suggests Rebecca "Kiki" Weingarten, an education and parenting coach in New York City. Soon enough, nature will feel like, well, second nature to her.