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Getting Dressed

Your toddler's old enough to learn the basics of getting dressed (don't expect him to perfect it for a couple of years, though!). Moms' secrets to teaching your child how to:

Put shoes on the correct feet
"I put a sticker on the top of each shoe, where my son's big toe is, and told him that both stickers should always be on the inside of his feet. If a sticker's on the outside, then he knows that the shoe's on the wrong foot."

Recognize front from back
"I put my boys' initials on the tags of their shirts, pants, and underwear. They learned which way to put their clothes on and their initials at the same time."
 -- Jennifer Hart-Abraham, Shoreview, MN

Put on a coat
"We call our trick 'flip-e-doo'. The kids lay their coat on the floor with the hood next to their feet. They push their arms as far into the coat as they can, then flip it it over their head."
 -- Julie McMillen, St. Louis