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Getting in the Mood for Love after Baby

You're exhausted. You're emotionally spent. And no matter what your doctor says, your vagina cannot possibly be ready for visitors. Yet jumping back in the sack might be exactly what you need to start feeling like yourself again. Sex can help you sleep better, improve your body confidence, burn calories - and do wonders for your relationship. "Many new parents are so absorbed in their newborn that they lose themselves as a couple," says Valerie Davis Raskin, M.D., author of Great Sex for Moms: Ten Steps to Nurturing Passion While Raising Kids. "Sex can be the glue that connects them." Below, Dr. Raskin offers a few tips for going from new mom to sexy mama!


Keep your clothes on (at first). Being physical in nonsexual ways, such as holding hands while you watch TV, kissing goodbye in the morning, or simply hugging can help keep you feeling like a couple - not just Mom and Dad.


Do a little planning. Granted, scheduling sex doesn't exactly ooze romance, but at this point in your life, it might not happen otherwise. Plus, it takes the pressure off when you opt for sleep.


Try not to stress. Constantly worrying about how much sex you're not having only makes it seem that much worse (and chances are, there are some poor souls having even less). "Keep in mind you're in the same boat as most new parents," says Dr. Raskin. In fact, not having a sex life is normal!