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Girl Talk: Babies On The Go

Q: I'm amazed at how many of my friends are out all day, toting their babies to the park, the mall, or even the DMV! How do they do it? I'm much more comfortable at home.

A: I, too, am amazed by other intrepid moms who see the world as one big on-the-go adventure for their kids, but have you considered that they might not like staying home? I have more than a few friends who go loony being inside all day. Going out saves them from sitting on the floor, thinking about the lost days of youth, while their babies rack up more tummy time. They probably envy you and think that you're patience personified for enjoying yourself at home.

Your baby wants a happy mom, so don't be so hard on yourself for doing what you prefer. If you stress about a day trip to the beach or return from the park in a worse mood than when you left, try a different tack. Plan backyard playdates (no packing: everyone has wipes and dipes at home!) or stroll around the neighborhood. Or you can open the window, stick your head out, and shout, "My baby's happy with me wherever we are!" Works for me.