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Girl Talk: Baby Love  -- or Jealousy?

Q. Am I being ridiculous? Sometimes I'm jealous of my baby! I wish that I got as much love and attention from my husband as our baby gets.

Me too. But then, I would have to give my husband as much love and attention as I give our kids. And by the end of the day my reserves have been tapped out. Your husband may feel the same way, particularly if he only sees the little tyke for a few hours after work. This would explain how he might find the time to snuggle with your baby, but not with you. (This doesn't explain how he has the time to watch SportsCenter, but, hey, this column isn't called "Omniscient Mom.")

In addition, your husband may not realize that you still crave his attention. Instead of saying "We never talk anymore" (which is sure to make SportsCenter that much more attractive), tell him that you'd like to have dinner. Make sure there's no TV, no phone, no baby.

For the first few meals, you may have trouble thinking of something to say other than "How's your fish?" Persistence will win the day, however, and you'll find that there's plenty of love and attention for everyone.