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Goodbye, Paci!

How moms got their toddlers to give up their pacifiers:

"When my daughter asked for her pacifier, I distracted her with something else, like a snack or a game. At bedtime, I gave her a 'special' doll to sleep with. The first few nights were rough, but eventually she gave up on asking for the pacifier and was able to fall asleep without it."
 --Susan Stehl, Richmond, TX

"I clipped off the tip of my son's pacifier and let him suck on it just as much as he wanted to. Eventually, he realized that it wasn't as fun anymore and got rid of it himself."
 --Kelsey Lubben, Payson, UT

"I told Kyle that his dog, Bogey, was very sad because he didn't have a pacifier. He took one look at Bogey and handed his pacifier to him! He cried for fifteen minutes that first night, and never asked for it again."
 --Jennifer Francis, East Earl, PA

"I recommend making the break when you return from a trip  -- it's a good time for a fresh start. I threw my son's pacifiers away after a family visit to his grandparents in Chicago. When we got home, he complained for a bit, and then it was over!"
 --Erin Mantz, Potomac, MD