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Head-to-Toe Milestones

Your baby's first-year motor development follows a pretty straight line, starting with his head and moving down to his toes. Here's how:

Head (6-8 weeks)
It'll be pretty wobbly at first. But by 2 months or so, your baby will be able to hold his head up straight and look around. His eyes will start to focus better, too.

Arms (3-4 months)
Soon after your baby can hold up and control his head, he'll figure out how to coordinate and use his arms, too. Lie him on his back under an activity arch and he'll grab for the toys dangling above him  -- and sometimes even manage to catch one.

Torso (4-6 months)
As he gains better control of his upper body, he'll start to prop himself up in a tripod position. Once he has the strength to hold himself up, he'll figure out how to turn his body from side to side. Now's a great time to teach him a game like patty-cake.

Lower body (7-11 months)
At this point, he may start to crawl as he learns to move his arms and legs simultaneously. Some babies go straight to standing, though.

Legs and feet (12-14 months)
Here comes the baby! Those little legs want to get moving, so he'll try cruising and will even stumble around while you hold his hands. Keep his shoes off while he learns to walk: It helps if his feet can feel the floor.