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He's on the Run!

Your toddler was delighted with himself when he mastered walking  -- but after four to six months of doing it, he'll realize there's an even faster way to get across the room for that snack. Running takes balance and practice. To help him get going:

* Play airplane. While he's still a novice, have your child hold out his arms as you walk quickly together. This'll help him balance as he picks up speed.

* Set up a track. Put some favorite toys in the middle of the room and watch him have a blast running around them. Not only will you be able to keep an eye on him as he darts around  -- and takes a few spills  -- he'll love the sensation of moving in circles. (Little kids don't mind getting dizzy  -- in fact, they love getting that inner-ear stimulation.)

* Hit the slopes. Instead of stairs, take gently inclined wheelchair ramps every once in a while. To help your child master speed and balance, stand on the ramp and encourage him to rush down into your arms.