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At Home with Autistic Triplets

Courtesy of Jacqueline Marks

When we learned that we were having triplets, we knew that our lives would be different from other families. Although, we could never have imagined just how different. Our sons Jacob, Dylan, and Tyler Marks, 11-year-old triplets, have all been diagnosed with autism.

Despite all the issues of being born premature, I thought they would grow up and lead happy, healthy lives. I assumed that they would make tons of friends; because there were three of them, I thought my house would be filled with rowdy, hungry boys. My biggest desire was to see them happy and independent. 

As intense as our hopes and dreams were, the heartache of the reality brought us into a world we never imagined. Autism stole the dreams I had for my three beautiful sons. But such intense hope for your children never really dies.

So, as parents, our instinct to care and provide the best possible support for our boys became our passion. This passion has been our story, our driving force. We filled our home with the love and support of our family and provided a team of skilled professional ABA teachers and therapists to help our boys learn. And learn they did.

We are appreciative for those who care for and teach our children on a daily basis. Our situation may be unimaginable to the average family, but we are anything but average. We are thankful for our different path, with all of its bumps, surprises, twists, and turns. This path is ours! Our three amazing boys are ours! They are labeled the same but they are each different.

Our dream may have been altered but our story is far from over.

By Jacqueline Marks, mom of Jacob, Dylan and Tyler, 11