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How to Get Involved at School


Not really into baking cupcakes? Some other ways you can be active at your child's school:

Spruce up the grounds. If you like being outdoors, volunteer to spread wood chips, plant a tree, or pick up trash.

Speak to the class about your job or hobby. Keep it short and bring visuals and small projects for the kids to do. Or book a guest speaker.

Organize an event. Just one is a big help to the teacher or PTA president  -- and you'll feel better about saying no next time.

Help the teacher decorate and dismantle. It's a big behind-the-scenes job to get the classroom looking so good for holidays (not to mention taking it all down afterward). Offer your help now.

Go high tech. Put together the class phone and e-mail list, or help the teacher set up a website so she can display the kids' artwork online.

Go low tech. Make phone calls to help arrange a class field trip, or see if you can make a supply run before a party or an event.

Share your video. Did you get some great shots of the fall concert? Less technically inclined parents will love to have copies of the footage.

Just go. Even if you're not the organizer, you can still help out by attending the events.


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