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How to Handle Your Tot's Temper

If your toddler suddenly seems like a future candidate for America's Most Wanted, don't despair. Temper tantrums are part of most toddlers' repertoires and are generally nothing to get too upset about. There are just three things to remember:

1. This is normal. Your little guy has reached the stage when he feels pretty effective in communicating his needs and wants to you, so it's troubling to him when you refuse. Combine that with his new sense of independence, and you have a recipe for meltdowns.

2. Chill. Knowing that tantrums are normal helps me stay (sort of) calm when my toddler, Avanika, starts throwing a fit. If you remind yourself that your child is what matters to you, it will help you ignore any stares that might come your way while out in public.

3. Don't give in once the tantrum begins. Choose your battles, and avoid power struggles over things that are meaningless. But once you've made a decision and said so clearly, try to stick to it. Don't let your toddler's kicks and shrieks deter you, or else you've only taught him a new way to get what he wants.