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How to Keep Your Kids Honest

You know your kid is trying to put one over on you, but what's the best way to call him on it? "Kids lie for the same reason adults do - to avoid unpleasant consequences," notes University of Tennessee professor of psychology Charles Thompson, Ph.D. Show your child you're not going to blow your top - and help him be more honest - by improving your comebacks:

The Lie: "I already brushed my teeth."
Your Response: "I don't think so! Your toothbrush isn't even wet!"
A Better One: "Let's do it together now anyway."

The Lie: "Daddy said I could."
Your Response: "Daddy would never say you could do that."
A Better One: "Then let's wait until Daddy's home so we can talk about it together."

The Lie: "I didn't break the vase/toy/remote control."
Your Response: "Hmm...could you be lying so you won't get in trouble?"
A Better One: "You're worried that I'll get angry if you tell the truth, but I know accidents happen. Can we think of a way to fix it?"

The Lie: "My friend said I could keep this toy."
Your Response: "Really? You know you can't just take things that you like."
A Better One: "That's nice, but we should call his parents to make sure it was okay to give it away."