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Instant Fixes for Summer Aches and Pains

It's the season to release your child into the wild! (Okay, you'll be there, too.) And as he's exploring the wonders of nature, he may have to pay an itchy, sweaty, or ouchie price. Good thing we've got a bunch of relievers that will get him back in action pronto:

Mosquito Bites
Fast Fix Apply some roll-on antiperspirant (plain deodorant won't work) to the area as soon as possible, says Ken Haller, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics at Saint Louis University. The aluminum salt will shrink a mosquito bite down to nothing within 20 minutes. Stash a small travel-size bottle in your purse or diaper bag and you'll always be prepared.

Poison Ivy
Fast Fix Dab the rash with white vinegar several times a day, apply cool compresses regularly, and have him soak in an oatmeal bath (try Aveeno). If the rash is widespread or your child needs more relief, check in with your doctor about trying a hydrocortisone cream or antihistamine.

Getting Overheated
Fast Fix If you can't get him somewhere with AC, sit down in a shady spot. Put some cool, damp clothes on him (dunk a T-shirt in the pool or run it under a faucet) and offer him something to drink, suggests Jennifer Shu, M.D., editor-in-chief of the book Baby & Child Health. If he's not feeling better within 10 to 15 minutes or is running a fever, call the doc ASAP.

Fast Fix Try to flick it out with a credit card, Dr. Shu says. Afterward, rinse the area with soap and water or use a wipe. Still stuck? Try grabbing it with tweezers when you're home. If the splinter is deep or barbed, or your child hasn't had a tetanus shot within five years, check in with the M.D.