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Is Your Kid Ready to Shower Solo?

Around now, your child may decide that baths are for babies: She's ready for a shower. She'll be able to get herself reasonably clean on her own, but you still need to make the shower stall or tub kid-friendly:


  • Stick with tear-free shampoo formulas for now. Otherwise, her yelps might draw you back to the bathroom and embarrass her.

  • Pour your economy-size shampoo and conditioner into small, squeezable bottles that are easier for her to hold.

  • Teach her how to adjust the hot and cold water. Continue to start the water and set the temperature for her until she gets the hang of it.

  • Remove items like razors, shaving cream, and cleaning sprays so she's not tempted to try them.

  • Install mats or skid-free strips to the tub or shower floor to make it less slick -- falls are common.

  • Pass on liquid body cleansers for now -- they can coat shower bottoms and make them slippery. Opt for a bar of soap instead.