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"I'm Jealous of My Baby"

Q. Am I being ridiculous? Sometimes I'm jealous of my baby! I just wish that I got as much love and attention from my husband as he gives to our child.

Me, too. But then, I'd have to give my husband as much love and attention as I give our kids. And by day's end, my reserves have been tapped out.

Chances are your husband feels the same way, particularly if he only gets to see the little tyke for a few hours after work, which explains how he might find the time to snuggle with your baby but not with you. (Of course it still doesn't explain how he has the time to watch SportsCenter, but, hey, this column isn't called Omniscient Mom.)

Your husband may not realize that you still crave his attention. Instead of saying "We never talk anymore" (which is sure to make SportsCenter that much more attractive), tell him that you'd like to have a date, even if that means just eating together at home after the baby is asleep. Turn off the TV and the phone, and try to avoid talking too much about the baby.

At first, the two of you may have trouble thinking of something to say to each other besides "How's your fish?" But don't let one stilted conversation deter you. By creating more couple time, you'll get the love and attention you're looking for.

Babytalk contributing editor Kitty O'Callaghan is a mom of two boys and a girl in White Plains, New York.