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Kids Health QA: Keeping Kids Hydrated

Q. Our kids are outside all day. They don't like to drink water, so how can we make sure they stay hydrated without overdoing it on the juice?

Don't give up entirely on water, because it hydrates without adding extra calories. To make it more appealing, try:


  • Letting your kids pick out cool water bottles they can carry with them.


  • Serving it very cold (you can buy insulated water bottles).


  • Adding a little flavor. Spritz a bit of lemon juice in their bottles or water down their juice (as long as it's the 100 percent kind). You can buy them flavored water, too, although it would be better if they learned to like the real stuff instead of the kind filled with artificial sweetener.

They can also quench their thirst -- and keep cool -- with ice pops. Make your own by mixing 100 percent juice with water. Or offer fruits with a high water content, like melons, peaches, and grapes; the vitamins and minerals are a bonus!