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How to Get Your Kids Reading

Reading is a vital part of your child’s success in school. Providing opportunities to read at home will help increase your child’s ability to become a strong reader, and a better student overall. Here are four suggestions to make reading fun for your child:

1. Make a place in your home just for reading and writing.  

This space can be in any room of the home. You will want this space to be comfortable so have pillows, blankets, or a favorite stuff animal to stretch out with. The idea is to allow your child to enjoy books without distractions. Fill this space with magazines, paper, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, newspapers, and books. A plastic container makes the perfect storage box for all of these materials.  With the lid in place, now your child has a portable desk on which to write.

2. Help your child make his very own reading book about the family.  

Collect photographs of the family and help your child glue or tape these to construction paper. Now you can help your child write about each picture. Depending on the age of your child, sentence dictation would be appropriate for younger children. Older children can write their own sentences describing the events in the photos. Now you can help your child to assemble the pages into a book form. The pages can be stapled or tied together with yarn. This family album will become a treasure for your child to read over and over again.

3. Have fun reading for information, in the kitchen!

Why not get cooking with your child?  Let your child help with baking cookies or a cake by reading the recipe. Help your child learn the words: ingredients, directions, recipe, and temperature, to name a few. Your child will enjoy the time spent making plans for the special food dish that you will be preparing for the family and at the same time, learning to read for information.

4. Schedule a weekly family “TV-Free Night”.

Gather the family on a blanket or couch and enjoy this time reading and talking about some good books. Have your child read to you, as well. This will build confidence in his reading ability and make him feel special to be able to read aloud to an adult.

Be creative and think of other ways to engage your child in reading opportunities in your home.  You are encouraging your child to see the joy of reading in all aspects of life.  

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