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Quiz: 4 Common Baby Delivery Beliefs

When it comes to childbirth you shouldn’t listen to everything you hear. As part of a national survey by BabyTalk and, we asked more than 900 new mothers if four common labor and delivery beliefs really held water. Their answers may surprise you!

1. True or false: Women who give birth naturally are more likely to have the birth experience of their dreams than those who have epidurals.

False. The moms in our survey rated their overall satisfaction and reported whether they had a perfect experience; there was no significant difference between the two groups on both counts.

2. True or false: Second-time moms are more likely to have unmedicated births than first-timers.

True. Twenty-three percent of veterans delivered au naturel compared with 16 percent of newbies.

3. True or false: Few c-section moms love their experience.

False. In fact, 40 percent reported they were very satisfied. That said, women who had c-sections were still by far the most likely to say that they experienced some disappointment with their birth.

4. True or false: Your odds of a surgical delivery aren't dramatically different if you have an M.D. or a midwife.

False. Forty percent of the women in our survey who had an M.D. had a c-section; only 9 percent of those who had a midwife or other practitioner did.


Beth Howard is a freelance writer.