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Late Night? Good Morning!

Get Glowing

Sleep deprivation can leave your skin looking dull and dry because blood hasn't had enough of a chance to bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin  -- which it does most effectively when you're sleeping. To brighten up, slough dead cells with either an exfoliating scrub or a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, such as Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser ($7), or glycolic acid, like MD Formulations Facial Cleanser ($32). If you have sensitive skin, gently rubbing with a warm, wet washcloth will also work.

Have five extra minutes? Try beComing Fully Restored ($18). Drop a tablet into the mineral solution and it expands into a full-size cloth (laden with antioxidants and collagen boosters) that you drape over your face.

Follow with a rich moisturizer, like Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream ($38), designed for use under makeup. Then apply a light-diffusing foundation; try Revlon Skinlights Diffusing Tint ($14)  -- reflective ingredients mask blotchiness and lend radiance to skin.

Give Locks a Lift

Don't be tempted to skip a shower for a few extra winks. Limp, dirty hair can make you look bedraggled  -- and the water is a fast pick-me-up, says hairstylist Harry Balderstone of New York City's Angela Cosmai Salon. Clarifying shampoo, like Essence of Beauty Hydroboost ($5), adds body. Blow-dry with volumizing mousse, such as Herbal Essences Natural Volume Bodifying Foam ($4) and that's it: Too many products leave you flat. Long-hair tip: Wear it down, says Balderstone. "Ponytails and buns only highlight how tired your face looks."

Brighten Your Eyes

  • Camouflage circles "Many women make the mistake of using a concealer that's too light for their skin tone," says Mario Pando, a New York City makeup artist. Instead of lightening dark circles with a paler concealer, he suggests applying a shade just slightly lighter than your natural color  -- but with an orange or a yellow tinge to counteract the purple shadows. Use your ring finger (it's your weakest, so you're more likely to have a light touch and not tug skin) or a concealer brush (it's small, round, and very soft) and dab concealer in the shape of a sideways "U," going from under your eyes up alongside your nose and onto the lids. One we like: Almay Wake-Up Call Energizing Concealer ($7). Dust on a mere hint of powder to keep your concealer in place  -- if you use too much, it will look dry and cakey.

  • Do the White Thing Early-morning newscasters swear by this trick: Go over the inside of your lower lashline with white eye pencil; it makes the whites of your eyes look whiter. Try Maybelline Expert Eyes in Pearl ($4). Then use an eyelash curler and stroke on just a single coat of smudgeproof mascara, such as Cover Girl Professional ($5).

  • Lose the bags To minimize puffiness and circles, lay on cotton pads soaked with milk, or a compress like Bath & Body Works Puff, the Magic Eye Gels ($8). Lie down for five minutes, with pads on eyes and head on pillow; this helps your body let go of excess fluids, says New York City dermatologist Laurie Polis, M.D. A fast alternative: Nivea Visage Soothing Eye Gel ($9).

    Instant Energizers

  • Refresh with a spritz. Keep a water-filled spray bottle on hand to mist your face: It feels good and brings moisture to the skin's surface; a fancier version is Prescriptives Flight Mist ($20), with moisturizing aloe and soothing green tea. A fragrance spray with citrus, spice, or floral notes can give an extra lift; Origins Sprinkler System ($15) has coriander (said to fight fatigue).

  • Smile! It gives you a mental boost and brings a little blood to your cheeks.

  • Power up your wardrobe. Wearing bright colors, such as red or blue, can help rev you up. Or try the crisp contrast of black and white.

  • Stand tall. When you're overtired, your shoulders and back tend to slump. With good posture, you'll feel alert and appear more poised.

    When a Late Night Looms...

  • Drink plenty of water. If you'll be crawling into bed a few hours later than normal, have one or two glasses of water before nodding off. Your skin will look refreshed and less puffy in the a.m.

  • Apply vitamin C. The ascorbic acid penetrates skin and neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals, which can build up when you're tired, says Bruce Katz, M.D., director of the Juva Skin and Laser Center, in New York City. In a pinch, apply orange juice to your face  -- or try Anew Clearly C Serum ($20) or id='"text8"'>Revlon Vitamin C Absolutes Oil Free Radiance Lotion ($15), which has lactic acid for an added moisture boost.

  • Pay off your sleep debt ahead of time. If you know you'll be having a late night, try to get enough sleep the night (or two) before. Or take a nap during the day. "Beauty sleep is not a myth," says Dr. Polis. "While we're asleep, the body goes through many different processes needed for us to look and feel our best."
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