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Learning "Eye Language"

To your newborn, anything further than 12 to 18 inches from his face appears blurry. Not sure how to communicate with a little guy who doesn't say much and qualifies as legally blind? Don't be daunted.

Have a staring contest. With your noses inches apart, make eye contact and move your head slowly from side to side. You'll become his favorite person to gaze at.

Catch his attention. At first, he'll prefer black-and-white and simple patterns, since he can't tell colors apart. As he begins to see color, he'll like primary tones and complicated designs. Engage him with bright-hued toys.

Sit up and see. When he has enough neck control, put him in a front-carrier and go for a walk together. Let him take in the beautiful autumn leaves or snowflakes.

Watch and learn. Wide-open eyes are an invitation to play, while breaking eye contact means he's losing interest and wants a change. And, of course, drooping eyelids are the sign of a tired baby. When you see this happen, hold him close and give him a quiet cuddle.