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Lessons From Preschool

Your child's doing more than stacking blocks during his day at preschool. He's also learning in ways you can't see:

Daily greeting
That simple "Hi, Matthew!" from your child's teacher every morning is the first part of his new routine. The predictability of preschool, with its clearly named daily segments, helps your child remember what happens there and learn to anticipate what comes next in his day.

Circle time
Here your child will have to focus on individual members of the larger group. Hearing about Max's new puppy or Jenny's train ride helps him develop good listening skills. His memory and speaking skills will get sharper, too, when he has a turn to choose a story of his own to tell.

Group singing
Kids tend to remember information that's set to music more easily than spoken instruction. So yours is not just learning a song  -- he's processing words, whether they're about cleaning up or the wheels on the bus.

Snack time
It's more than a midday break: Talking to his new pals over apple slices and milk is an important way your child learns new words, as well as how to act (and interact) in social settings.